Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Eight Headlines the Corporate Mainstream Media Does Not Have the Courage To Print

Eight Headlines the Corporate Mainstream Media Does Not Have the Courage To Print


  1. Aww... read the "truth-out" article, Nunya.

    What can I say I haven't already said a million times? You guys REALLY need to do a FR style 1789 revolution; round up all the imperialist fascist fucks (in particular those you call "banksters", lol), sharpen your guillotines' blades, and start choppin' HUGE TIME!

    Hugs from Deirdra.

  2. Nunya,

    I'm irresistibly compelled to agree 150% with WhyNot. My country (Ireland) experienced (and still does) fascism & imperialism on a monumental scale - by the greatest fascist cunts who ever roamed this planet, i.e. "THE BRITISH"

    Naturally, they followed their 2000-year old proven practise of dividing the "colonies" they conquered, and setting up political regimes such that the "natives" would end up fighting each others.

    Which is EXACTLY what happened in Ireland.

    However, there are good news. Which is: imperialism NEVER works in the long run, and it's the offending fascist country which ends up with a huge chunk bitten off their stinking arses.

    You, as an American, already know this: think Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, the 20-odd countries which constitute Central and South Americas.

    Vive LA Révolution!!!

  3. Nunya,

    Hello there...? Still alive? Just wondering cuz I've been absent from blogging for a couple of weeks, and I see no response from you to our comments.

    Maybe you feel the same as I do, which is that, as time passes, I'm less and less interested in the blogosphere. It became really great fun for me during the many years of PP's huge success, especially in view of the large number of really interesting contributors (you, Luna, Bonbon, Romeo, Kristina, Stiletto, Valérie, ShitStirrer, and more). Even the really disgusting fascist cunts like Barb and Jeanette were kind of fun cuz they were so fucking retarded it made everyone else roll on the floor in hysteria.

    But hey, all this is past history, and right now, even if I'm once a week checking out a couple of blogs, I'm slowly but surely loosing all interest in the blogosphere scene.

    Is the same syndrome hitting you?

    Don't worry about rushing to reply, I'm so used to you ignoring your own blog, I probably won't be back here for quite some time, for the simple reason. I find one-way conversations with brick walls very very fucking boring, lol.

  4. Well, me too, and most of my blogger friends found me on facebook (I'm Bugged Voter there) and I am on there every day and as an added bonus, when I get weighed down by the sorry state of my country I can play silly, distracting dragon games that blow thru my data allowances like no tomorrow.

  5. Nunya,

    "Well, me too, and most of my blogger friends found me on facebook..."

    Fair enough, but why the hell do you still run a blog? I just don't get it: you say your BLOGGER friends find you on Facebook, which implies that they then follow you on in your blog (since you call them BLOGGER friends, not Facebook friends).

    Well... where the fuck are they on your blog?

    Anyway, it's not important. On the other hand, I'm rather intrigued by your "sorry state of my country" statement. Surely, it can't be anywhere near as disastrous as when the 2 Bush Chimps dictators were in power, right?

  6. Nunya,

    I have a small favor to ask of you. would you be kind enough to start a new article which I could use for a specific purpose - meaning a discussion between me, Deirdra, Stiletto and Valérie? You of course would be most welcome to join in.

    Here is the reason for this request:

    In the days of PP, right from the start and for many years (but before you joined in), there was an American dude nicknamed "Microdot" (real name Patrick Howes - from NYC but who has lived in France for decades). For a long time (years), things went fine; he had a good sense of humor, and was pretty savvy at making funny "collages" with his Mac.

    However, he had particular views on energy production methods, and in particular was completely ANTI nuclear energy. Rather strange... I mean why the fuck would a ferociously anti nuclear energy American dude move to France which is the nuclear energy country n°1 on the planet.

    But this didn't matter, things went fine for yonks. Until, one day... he said that all nuclear power plants in France should be shut down, and wind mills built everywhere in the country to produce electricity. No kidding!

    Including... - wait for this! - ... on every apartment roof top in Paris! I kid you not.

    Now, as you may recall, Valérie is absolutely in love with Paris - it's HER CITY, personally, as if she owned it. So when Microdot proposed to transform Paris city into an Oklahoma eyesore with wind mills on every roof top, she went bananas and told him to go back to NYC and fuck himself with a wind mill. She is VERY HAPPY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, with the dozen of so nuke plants outside Paris which supply the entire Greater Paris with electricity.

    This was the beginning of the end with Microdot and PP, and within a short time, he left. But not until another incident occured, which is:

    During the time we got along, he once gave me his home phone #. Some time later, I rang him to have a chat, but he wasn't home, and his wife Jane (not quite sure of her name now, but that will do) answered. I introduced myself, and we had a short chat of 2 or 3 minutes.

    The very next day, he wrote me a filthily abusive comment on PP, to the effect that "I MUST NEVER EVER AGAIN RING HIM HOME AND TALK TO JANE AGAIN, OR ELSE!!!"

    Completely off the fucking planet. You'd think I had had phone sex with Jane.

    My attempts to make him see reason failed, and I finally lost patience and told him to fuck himself, and do so as far away as possible from PP.

    Following that, there has been no communications betwen us for many years. Until just a week or so ago, when, while chatting with Deirdra, I told her of that weird & wonderful episode. She laughed heartily, but being the kind of person she is, i.e". ver inquisitive, she went to his blog ("") to get his view on this memorable incident.

    Naturally, he tried to bullshit his way around it, saying I had purposely "come on" to Jane and held sexually explicit fornicating language to her. No kidding.

    But Deirdra, as an "assistante sociale" (= social worker) is used to ppl trying to bullshit their way, and set him straight. This fucked him off no end, and as a result, he deleted all her comments, plus instated a censorship on his rag - i.e. all comments end up in a moderation queue and must be approved before they get published.

    So... this is the reason why I'm asking you to please create a topic/article which I could use to get Valérie and Stiletto (and you of course, if you're interested) to join in. I might try to get in touch with Bonbon and Luna also.

    Hoping to hear a favorable answer from you. I'd absolutely love the opportunity to do what I explained above, plus have the bonus of writing to this fat fuck and telling him that his trecherous despicable fucked up self is exposed in full for the entire blogosphere to see.

    Hugs, Philippe.