Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why the politickybitch has been burned out on political blogging

Hmm. Guess it's been obvious for a while that I am completely burned out on political blogging, yeah?


Because in order to take it to the next level and become a "real activist" as I see it, might make some people very dear to me vulnerable. Also, it's all I can do to avoid the idiocy so prevalent in  the corporate funded mainstream media's attempts to dominate, control, anesthetize and profit from as many Americans as possible.

 There are so many stupid people in this country that the corporate interests are winning big. Many Americans are just ignorant and I have no problem with ignorance. Stupidity, however, gets on my last fucking nerve. There is a difference.

The politicians for the most part are only about winning their next election and they need money to run in it and the corporate interests provide those funds.

 The voters are apathetic because they look at the self-interested politicians and wonder why the politicians never do anything for them or theirs.  There are a few national politicians that give me hope that the broken political system can occasionally work for the constituents (umm, thats us, if you're wondering.) 

Frankly, I dunno what it's going to take for us Americans to change our fucked up political system but my biggest hope lies in the fact that there are so many more of us than there are of the selfish, greedy fucking fucks that control the system right now because they have more money than we do.  I've known for years that money wouldn't change things for most of us.  It's not money that we need to change this broken system, it's the confidence that we CAN do it, and standing together in order TO do it.  Because the castles can be stormed and you can bet your asses that the 1% are scared shitless of that.  As well they should be.


  1. Me too Nunya! I'm right beside you. I think the castles will need to be stormed as it's too far gone to get back. Thought like that for a long time. Don't say it much as then you get "you're so negative" and are attacked by the people who supposed to be on your side as being "the problem".

    The problem is that we do care and that can cause you to be way unhappy. It sucks all around.

    Somebody let me know when we get something to go our way instead of the only way there is - the 1% way.

  2. Nunya, One Fly,

    Wow! You guys rock. About time the N°1 fascist/imperialist/Grand-Exploiter-of-this-planet, - i.e: US of Fuckin' A - bent over with its stinking ass in the air, awaiting for mighty kicks up the ass begging for forgiveness, and started behaving like ordinary human beings instead of fascist nazi fucks.

    One Fly,

    When you say "the 1 % way" at the end of your tirade, what do you mean exactly? My guess is you mean only 1% of the American population actually has a real human brain. If so, I have to at least partially disagree: I spent 2 years living (and working) in the Tampa Bay area (Florida), and I can honestly say that among the hundreds of people I met there, at least 80% were quite decent human beings, and in fact I even met quite a few outstanding men and women.

    Soooo... please expand on your viewpoint - and also tell me what you think about mine. Don't worry, I copped so much shit in my life, including multiple death threats from a certain Jeanette Lucey (Rock Hill, Nth Carolina) - Nunya was there on my blog at the time, and she can confirm I'm not exagerating in the slightest - that nothing shocks me any longer, lol.

    You guys, ... be well!

  3. There's no tirade at all - it's just the way it fucking is! The 1% - the rich/powerful and that includes the media. Simple actually. What else would it be.

    Yes most people are decent but far removed from what I see as the reality. I can't believe how much I have lost in the last several months. No one says boo just like always. I tend to stay away from those who are on the other side and I know no 1%ers. I don't fucking care what they think I've heard the same for far too many years.

    Fact of the matter is no matter what the left says we are fucked and there is no getting it back. The tbaggers were oh so goddamn hilarious a few years back and look who is controlling the agenda in "our government". Make no mistake the repugs and the baggers are one in the same. The media wants people to think otherwise. LTFO with the elections because the 1% could very well control the senate. Watch guvmint work then. But bama will save us. That's the fucking point - he little different than the chimp we had for 8 years.

    1. One Fly,

      "The 1% - the rich/powerful and that includes the media."

      Aaahhh!!! How right you're here, meaning: once the gov of a country controls the near totality of news papers and TV, you're on the road to TOTAL GRAND-SCALE FASCISM. They can do whatever the fuck they want and completely get away with it cuz their media "slave" partners will brain-wash the entire population.

      Regarding Obama, I agree with you 100% he's like the good guys savior compared to the rascist nazi cocaine-addict alcoholic born-again fuck, aka GW Bush.

      However, I've heard lotsa disgruntled ppl in the US, meaning: Obama may mean well, but what he delivers ain't nowhere near like what he promised.

      Of course, that doesn't mean he's sold out; in fact, it is most lkely that the obstacle course he was prepared to jump through easily is in fact stuffed with nearly unsurmoutable obstacles.

      You guys have my most sincere wishes when I say I really hope that, little by little Obama will truly make a long term difference in the way USA works - both domestically and in its appalling fasicst/imperialist policies with the rest of the world.

      While I can appreciate that for the average American, domestic policies are paramount, I'm sure you can appreciate that for the 99% remaining inhabitants of this planet, USA's abominable foreign policies are much more important to them - especially when it means that thanks to those policies, millions of people DIE every fucking day.

  4. PS: regarding my last paragraph and my reference to "millons of people dying every day because of USA's foreign policies":

    I wasn't referring to where I live, i.e. Europe. Nobody here dies because of USA foreign policies. In fact nobody in Europe gives a flying fuck about USA. The only essential natural ressource we lack is oil, and nearly ALL of it comes from Russia via gigantic pipelines criss-crossing the entire European continent.

    Other than oil, there is NOTHING made in USA that we need and can't produce ourselves.

    This just to say that I'm not pissed off with USA from a selfish/self-interested point of view in the least. What makes me go red in the face with anger is USA's unbelievable ruthless exploitation of third-world countries, particularly Africa and South-East Asia.

    And I happen to care immensely for ppl from other places on this planet, not just about myself and my fellow countrymen/women.

    Blame it on my being a socialist freak - my heroes are Trotsky and Che Guevera. And trust me, these 2 dudes are also the heroes of 80% of all Europeans.

  5. I agree with you as well WN. Take a look at the last supreme court decision on campaign contributions.

    It's over not just because of that but it's been over we lost and the powerful continue to grow even stronger at the expense of us and our planet which is being killed.

    We lost but I still care!

  6. One Fly,

    "Take a look at the last supreme court decision on campaign contributions."

    Mmmm... I don't have acess to US TV or newspapers, so please fill me in :-)

    "We lost but I still care!"

    Well, try to think "hopeful" and "positive". For instance, you might think of it as "we lost the battle, but not the war" - meaning there are plenty more battles ahead to be fought and worthwhile getting stuck into.

    PS: you're one cool bloke (Aussie slang for "dude") :-)

    1. This will give you a pretty good idea WN.

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