Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Great Gatsby

The movie.  The old one.  Meh. I never liked Mia Farrow and I thought Redford trying to look enthralled with her was just painful to watch.  Bruce Dern does creepy well, so he was ok. Overall, I gave it a big fat meh.

Will I see the new version?  Probably not.  Why should I make Punky Doodle DiCaprio richer by plunking down 13 bucks? Watching it today made me glad I didn't have to trudge through the damn book in high school.  Why is this country so fascinated with the wealthy anyway?  Buncha arrogant neurotic assholes, who cares?


  1. "Why should I make Punky Doodle DiCaprio richer by plunking down 13 bucks?"

    "punky Doodle", lol. isn't DiCaprio the young guy in "Titanic"? if so, I thought his performance (as an actor) was excellent. He may well be an arrogant rich asshole, I wouldn't know, I've never been in the slightest interested in movie stars private lives, and quite frankly coulnd't give a flying fuck. I mean, I only care about how they perform on the screen. By the way, same applies to music: I like certain bands/musicians because of their talent playing music I relate to. They might be the biggest assholes in the world, but if so, so fucking what? it isn't THEM I'm in love with, it is their music.

    As to Robert Redford, I've seen 2 movies where he stars (and which I can remember), and they are both excellent: "Barefoot in the park" and "3 days of the condor". Both are several decades old, 1960s I think. The first one is also quite hilarious. If I'm not mistaken, his main partner in it is Jane Fonda, who does a wonderful performance of the young married woman who is full of energy to live life to its fullest, and not afraid to rock the boat of society's conventions, to say the least, lol. In fact, she does a terrific job of fucking everything up, just for the fun of it, lol. Oh and she is really gorgeous and very sexy. not that Redford isn't a really good-looking guy, but I'm not responsive to male sex appeal, lol.

  2. Anonymous,

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    hey Nunya... this asshole reminds me of the good ole days of intense SPAM bombardment on PP. Most of it was boring to tears, but there was the occasional sublime outburst of genius: someone would write something completely inane to start with, then would be hit by a mind-boggling stroke of grandeur and put their creative gems through successive passes of Google Translator... oh boy, ... priceless, it nearly sounded like Jeanette Lucey talking through her pissflaps!