Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Explosion In Kansas City: Blast Causes Massive Fire At JJ's Restaurant (VIDEO)

"...Missouri Gas Energy, which supplies the area, said in a statement that "early indications are that a contractor doing underground work struck a natural gas line..."

Gee, what a familiar story.
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  1. Nunya,

    "Gee, what a familiar story."

    Lol, sounds like Missouri Energy is as fucking useless as Florida Power. Funny how private enterprises are supposed to be more efficient, cheaper for the consumer... and yet... if I look here in Europe, the most efficient, customer-service-orientated enterprises are gov-owned ones.

    Just to take electricity as an example:

    1. During my 2 years in Florida, here is what I experienced:

    - During summer, power disappears on average 4 time a day. It is unthinkable to use a computer without a UPS - you'd be spending all your time fixing lost clusters and broken files on your HDDs. All thanks to that great capitalist rapacious corporation named "Florida Power".

    - This is just a tiny nothing example but it reflect the mentality of those fuckhead capitalists at Florida Power; at some stage I used to live in Clearwater, in a dead end suburban street (Clearwater), where the last street light was just in front of the garden.

    There were squirrels everywhere and it was great fun to watch them zooming along the power and phone lines like phenomenal acrobats. And the fairly dense vegetation (trees everywhere).

    Well, at one point, the light bulb in that street light in front of our house died. Now, anyone in their right mind would expect the power provider to replace the light bulb in the street lamp, right? Oh no, not Florida fucking Power! They told us that if we wanted them to replace the light bulb, would have to pay for it. Which means, not only the cost of the light bulb, but the 2 hours of work for 2 men + a huge truck with a ladder, etc etc. Some 200 bucks or so.

    isn't the capitalist system just yummy and wonderful, lol?

    1. I love that you understand. Sometimes @ PP, it's just so hard to explain stuff. It's like trying to explain life on another planet, rather than in another country