Monday, January 21, 2013

Teach your Children

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  1. Hey... "Route 66"... this rings a loud bell! Do you know of an ex-jazz singer named Mel Tourmé. Never mind the FR name, he is/was an American dude. Goes back many decades, so he might be dead now.

    Anyway, he sang a be-bop song named "Route 66". Fast pace, did lots of scat singing. I think the queen of mind-boggling scat-singing, Ella Fitzgerald did some duets with him. Ah... those were the days, lol! Mind you, nowadays, there are some great scat singers too. Bobby Mc Ferrin is probably the most spectacular guy I ever heard. Al Jareau is pretty fuckin' amazing too!

    Ok, let's go see what Deidra has to say. Hey, what do you think of her? Big improvement over Jeanette, right, lol?