Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Why can't I find anything to read that interests me in the least?

My friend posted this though, it's worth a watch.


  1. Nunya,

    Love your article's title! "Meh", lol, sounds like a cross between a cow and a goat!

    Prisons... geee... although I concede they are a necessary evil, I just can't get past the concept of prisons being a "private industry", let alone one that makes money and profits. Only in America, that's fir sure, lol!

    Hey, have you ever seen an American movie .... forgot the title now, but a short description will ring a bell, I'm sure (if you've seen it). The title is something like "Wedlock":

    This dude gets caught in an armed robbery (jellewry shop or something like it), and finds himself in this "co-ed" ultra-modern prison. No fences, no gates, no guards with German sheperds and machine guns. They even have "happy hour", which means consenting dudes and dudettes get to fuck like rabbits at certain hours.

    However, to prevent escapes, each prisoner is strapped with a "collar". A collar that has some electronics in it and also an explosive. The electronics detects the presence or absence of a "sister" collar, i.e one worn by another inmate, and is programmed to NOT trigger the explosive as long as the "wedlock partner" is within a 100 meters or so (which is the overal length of the prison's compound.

    To prevent 2 wedlock partners from escaping simultaneously, NOBODY knows who their wedlock partner is.

    Sounds sadistic enough to you? Wait, it gets even better:

    If 2 wedlock partners are further than the dreaded 100 meters limit from each other, both collars blow up, and naturally, both inmates heads fly sky high. Cute, eh?

    I think we should strap one of them collars to Jeanette Lucey's ugly mug, lol!

  2. WhyNot,

    Truly a twisted character, you. lol, Your irreverence is a life saver at times, luv ya hon :)