Friday, January 04, 2013

fun with teh Google

Finally screwed up the courage to Google someone from many years ago.  Turns out this person has been dead for 2 1/2 years.  Funny how life goes sometimes.


  1. Be glad it wasn't you.

  2. yup, I got to see my kid graduate from college. That person won't :(

  3. One Fly,

    "Be glad it wasn't you."

    Lol, gee, your sense of humor is nearly as warped as mine.

    Nunya, I wish I could get all smoochie and stuff because I really empathize with your grief. I don't feel very comfortable doing so here, so I'll just say "huge hugs, my friend". Death is a "funny" thing, meaning it affects us all in so many different ways. When my father died, all I felt was "Yay! good riddance! One less fucking asshole on this planet!". But Mum... it is quite different.

    Mum is very old and in very poor health and she'll prolly kick the bucket soon. Even though I am mentally prepared for it, I know that it will hit me like a ton of bricks when she does die. Even though Mum drove me fucking nuts during my entire life and we never agreed on a single fucking thing, lol, she is still my mom. i don't think anyone can ever replace the woman who created you. And whom, I'm sure (knowing my bad temper and horrible nature) must have spent most of my 9 months of gestation kicking her belly non stop, lol.

  4. WhyNot,

    I'm sorry 'bout your mum :( I feel lucky about my mom. I missed 25 years, and I'd probably hate her if she raised me, but she didn't and now we are fast friends, and have been for 23 years. We don't agree on everything, but an adult relationship is much different.