Monday, December 03, 2012

Screw this ibuprofen shit, and population stuff

I think the ibuprofen may be taking the swelling down, but it's causing pain I never had.

Beyond 7 billion: Bending the population curve

The whole series is fascinating. I'm reading it now.


  1. Hey my friend, don't knock ibuprofen, it's the best thing since slice bread! It didn't exist when I was in Oz, all we had was aspirine-based shit and something else I forgot the name of. Now, both those fuckers will give you stomach ulcers, and in my case at least, hadrly ever fixed my headache.

    Ibuprofen, which I discovered in the States, and which to my pleasant surprise is in France the main mild pain killer drug (and available without prescription) is a true god sender.

    Not that I have frequent headaches, only once or twice a year, always behind one of my eyes - they feel as though someone is pressing their thum into my eyeball, and they are truly fucking horrible.

    However, one 400 mg ibuprofen, and within 10 minutes, good-bye splitting head/eye ache for another 6 months.

    In other news, the fascist cunt Jeanette has constant diohrrea, she just won't shut up, lol.