Friday, November 16, 2012

Walmart's Internal Compensation Documents Reveal Systematic Limit On Advancement

Why does this not surprise me? I don't make a habit of shopping there, but occasionally I do. It must be less occasionally than it used to be because I couldn't find much of the stuff I buy regularly there.
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  1. Dear Nunya,

    Sorry for the rare appearances - my internet time is very limited and I have a hard time keeping up with PP.

    Now... Walmart... Mmmm, Walmart, Kmart, Albertson, etc, they're all the same, right? Well, Albertson might be less of a giant corporation and Florida-specific only, but still, what's the difference? The same fucking money-hungry capitalist machine, right?

    You can throw in the same bag just about any western- world corporation, be they banks or what not. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Mc Donald... you name it!

    In fact, Mc Donald are prolly the worse fascist assholes I ever saw in operation. They are everywhere, including Europe and even dog-forsaken Oz Land. They con their 16-year old emplyees paid peanuts into thiniing they are part of A BIG FAMILY where they will eventually becoem IMPORTANT MAFUCKINGNAGERS and make so much dough they will believe in god and paradise on earth.

    I know, I know because even in France I know of young people who have been conned by those motherfuckers.

    You know what the best weapon we have is? By "we", I mean you, I, our friends, families, etc...

    It is to be half intelligent and boycott the cunts.

    Doesn't take any courage like going on strike or street demonstations and throwing molotov cocktails or any of that Stiletto stuff, lol.

    All it takes is stay home and/or shop elsewhere.

    Believe me, it works. And if it doesn't do the job, then we only have ourselve (WE, the people/consumers) to blame. Because if Walmart/Mc Donalds/etc had deserted stores all over America and elsewhere, they would go bust and become an extinct nightmare.

    And we could all laugh and throw in a great party!