Sunday, October 21, 2012

Monday Is Last Day To Register To Vote in San Diego

Friday, October 19, 2012 By City News Service 

Working on my sample ballot, but I just send in my ballot.  It's easeir.   It ticks me off that the polling station for my tiny litte enclave ( I have old and poor neighbors) of probable democratic voters have to drive three miles instead of walking across the street to the closest polling station. Fucking Republicans.

I'm undecided on some, and holding my nose a lot on the local candidates.  In San Diego there are basically degrees of Republicanism in candidates. True progressive candidates are rare here.
KPBS election 2012 See what I mean?  Did you catch that first article on the page?
(San Diego Law Enforcement Defends Deat Penalty)  Yeah there was Robert Alton Harris, executed in 1992 for murders comitted in 1978 in San Diego.  The death penalty is on hold and pretty fucking useless in CA anyway so fuck you Bonnie Dumanis.

About the only place to find out anything out about your ballot and the candidates on it is Smart Voter

I use cheat sheets for the statewide ballot initiatives.
Courage Campaign

San Diego Free Press

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  1. " The death penalty is on hold and pretty fucking useless in CA anyway so fuck you Bonnie Dumanis."

    Incredible to think death penaly still exists in parts of USA. Makes USA look like Somalia or Rwanda. I am sure that Jeanette gets an orgasm every time somebody gets fried in the electric chair or whateve other barbaric murder system they use now.

    Anyway... I won't think about it any more, I just watched a great film, it's in an island like Jamaica, not that one, but one like it, lots of black people, lots of WONDERFUL raggae music and groovy men and women dancing, and even cute little girls, may 10 years old, and they dance 1000 times better than grown up white FR people, LOL.