Friday, May 27, 2011

Defense bill

I was reading Howie Klein's latest post War! War! War! More War! But All But One Republican Vote To Defeat Measure To Increase Combat Pay where he mentions that our service members couldn't get a $100 combat pay increase and I started wondering if they got any pay increase?

UPDATE: House passes military spending bill with funding for buildup, Andersen intact
5:31 PM, May. 26, 2011

"...The bill would also bring a 1.6 percent pay increase for all military servicemembers, if it becomes law as is..."

US economic forecast lowered, interest rate unchanged
By Mike McCarthy Apr 27, 2011, 19:54 GMT

"...The US inflation rate is 2.7 per cent, putting the federal funds rate in negative territory in real terms."
This has been on my mind after getting into a fight with a right wing fucktard in HuffPo comments yesterday regarding women in the military not being able to get abortions in the military medical system even if they've been raped and Rep. Susan Davis' effort to change that getting shut down by some asinine Rethug who's district is mostly fucking national forest land instead of Ms. Davis' which actually has military personell and veterans living in it. Anyway, I quit responding to the r-wing fucktard, but it bothered me for a while and then I figured out why. Because he asked a question that I never would have asked and that's because I have an inherent understanding of the issue I was commenting on, and fucktard didn't. I'll let Rachel expain:


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