Wednesday, August 02, 2006 landed here, wtf?

Can anyone tell me why someone from in Houston Texas would perform a search using these words:

australia seismic whale dead interview

and then wade through 15 effing pages of Google results to hit on this particular entry?

On this silly little blog?

LEAD: More than 140 whales die after beachings in Australia, NZ
Asian Economic News Dec 13, 2004
SYDNEY, Nov. 30 Kyodo
...More than 140 whales have died in three separate mass strandings in Australia and New Zealand since Sunday, according to government officials and media reports Tuesday....Sen. Bob Brown of the Australian Greens party said in a statement released Tuesday that seismic tests carried out in oceans to search for gas and oil should be stopped until the whale migration season ends.

''The whale strandings of recent days come exactly a year after a similar stranding on Tasmania's west coast,'' Brown said. ''In both cases, seismic testing occurred in the preceding days.''

Seismic testing is sound bombing of the ocean bed to search for oil and gas. There is growing evidence that such activities may impact whales and dolphins but research data are inconclusive.

''However, the precautionary principle should apply, and the tests, until shown to be safe, should stop -- at least in whale migration seasons,'' Brown said...

or maybe halliburton was looking for this or this?

Greg has some info on the oil barons..

Greg Palast Aug 03, 2006

Um, Greg? They hate sunlight.

In PA, Big-Time GOP Donors Show True Colors: Green
By Justin Rood - August 2, 2006, 5:51 PM
A Halliburton lobbyist giving money to the Green Party?

Santorum, the Green Party, and some very strange bedfellows

...James Holman (misidentified in FEC records as "Howmen"); California publisher, $5,000:Holman publishes a string of pro-life, Catholic newspapers across California (and, highly incongruously, an alternative paper, the San Diego Reader. According to this article, he pumped a whopping $1.1 million last year into Proposition 73, a parental notification measure that Holman called in ads "the first 'pro-life measure to be voted on in the state of California.'" ...

Oh yeah, good times here in the 50th. oily congresswhore Bilbray votes

He and other local congresswhores along for the slip n slide ride:

North County Reps vote to lift offshore drilling ban

Anybody who thinks San Diego doesn't have any serious problems is a moron, a tourist, or they've spent way too much time with their heads up their asses.

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