Saturday, April 01, 2006

Illegal immigration part 3

I am not backing down on the problems of illegal immigration. The problems have touched my life. Think about this: You were born here, but you live in constant fear that your parents, who work their asses off for shit pay could be deported because they are here illegally. Does that give you respect for laws in your country of birth? Think like a teenager. Does that give you more power to do whatever you want? Your parents can't say anything because you have an inordinate amount of power over them. They need you because you understand English better than them, and you're legal. Besides, they want you to have all the toys, and education, and rights that they know that the handful of people who run the countries they fled from will never let them have for you. No matter how hard they work. They're used to keeping their heads down, working hard, and staying out of trouble so they don't get kicked out. You don't respect the laws of your country of birth because they don't make sense. You don't respect your parents because they get treated like doormats. Where does that leave you? Angry. Who do you take it out on? Gueros. Whites. Norteamericanos. They control the economies of the countries your parents fled from also, only most of the Norteamericanos don't know it:

And one more thing for those of you who immediately snarl racist. The problems just may be increasing because the worldwide population is increasing. That means more competition for resources.

You don't live with it, you don't know. Yo se.

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