Monday, March 27, 2006

Sick of this

Look Godamnit, I am fucking sick of listening to people who don't live in a border town talk about the immigration hoo-hah like they know something. I consider myself a liberal, but I still get pissed off on trash day when there is shitty toilet paper all over the front lawn. I'm sorry the plumbing sucks down there, when you're here, flush it damnit! But don't flush the plastic coated diapers, don't use pine oil cleaner on the fucking cutting boards in restaurants, Y no fumar en la tienda, babosos.
When I don't have a chance in hell of making supervisor because I don't speak Spanish, I get pissy. When I watch someone with half my IQ take a job that pays more than I make for supposedly translating and I can't understand their English it pisses me off.
I happen to be very good at understanding people with thick accents. I can usually pinpoint your country (worldwide) of origin by your accent. If you really want to make yourself understood, I'm listening.
I don't want to speak Spanish, damnit, I already know they hate us, I hear it all the time from people who do speak Spanish, but aren't Hispanic. When I hear that the protesters flew the Mexican flag proudly, but they burned an American flag, after they flew it upside down, I get pissy. When I hear over and over again in lame-o English from someone who was born and raised here that the gringos stole the land, so they can take whatever they want with impunity, I get pissy. When some asshole laughs at me and I know he just stole my kid's bike helmet because I can see the shape of it in his backpack, I get pissy. When my kid hears somebody talking smack about the color of her hair (she does understand it, peen-chee ben-day-hoes) which happens to be a normal color for a white kid, I get pissy.

When my friend's kid is devastated because his friend got shot in the fucking face and killed for trying to avoid joining a gang for protection against the bangers, I get pissy.

For anyone who doesn't live with it you need to know that there are problems that need to be addressed. This is coming from someone who gave water, a meal and a free long distance phone call to the coyote, to someone who needed it. The guy was thirsty, hungry, tired, scared shitless and in my backyard, you would have done it too.

It's complicated and the lawmakers who protect the people and corporations who profit from what I think that they think is disposable labor need to pay attention to more than next quarter's earnings and their huge campaign-contributers.

"The dropout issue has been at the center of local school reform discussions since last March, when a study by the Civil Rights Project at Harvard University calculated that only 45% of students were graduating in four years from Los Angeles schools. The rate was even lower for Latino students, and much higher for white and Asian American students. African Americans were close to the districtwide average.The school district cried foul, saying its figures showed that roughly 70% were graduating, a figure that has since risen. The district uses a different formula to calculate its graduation rate, one that the Harvard researchers and other critics say is deeply flawed"

"I want you to know that there are people right now all across the country that agree with you that we need immigration reform that rewards work, that gives people a pathway to citizenship, that allows families to stay together," Villaraigosa told the crowd.
He drew jeers, however, when he added: "Now that you've come, it's important that you go back to school."


  1. then why not get off your butt and
    ask why these illegal and felons
    have the right to protest in the 1st place

    why didnt the police round them up and get buses back to mexico for these criminals

  2. The felon that killed the boy is in jail, and can't be deported, he was born here. The majority of those protesters were born here too. The criminals that are illegal aliens are deported, after they do their prison time here. Then they end up in prison in El Salvador and learn even meaner, nastier tricks and bring them back across the border.